April 2022 – Megan Hansen presented results from her undergraduate EagleSPUR grant that funded her participation in GEOTRACES analyses in the lab at the USM Undergraduate Symposium in Hattiesburg.

February 2022 – Claire and Chris presented at the virtual Ocean Sciences Meeting.

December 2021 – Neil, Megan and Chris attended the Fall AGU meeting in New Orleans in-person! Was great to see many colleagues in person again, although the start of the omicron wave tamped down some of the excitement.

Aug/Sept 2021 – Hurricane Ida caused some of us to evacuate temporarily but luckily everyone and all homes and labs were OK.

August 2021 – Evan Rohde’s undergraduate thesis was published in G-Cubed! Congrats all.

April 2021 – Neil Redmond received 2 great awards: USM’s Marine Science Scholar Fellowship for 2021-2022 and a best presentation award from the 2021 USM Graduate Student Symposium. Congrats!

December 2020 – Chris and Neil attended the Fall AGU meeting virtually and presented their work (abstracts here and here). It was fun!

June 2020 – Ally Savoie successfully defended her Master’s Thesis! You can read it here.

May 2020 – Evan Rohde successfully completed his Undergraduate Honors Thesis! You can read it here.

2/16-21/2020 – Ally and Chris attended the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego. Check out their abstracts here and here. You can also see Ally’s poster on her twitter.

1/7-9/2020 – Ally and Chris attended the NOAA Ocean Acidification Community Meeting in Miami, FL. They presented some of their coastal MS/LA carbonate chemistry work and enjoyed meeting the other OA PI’s.

OAP meeting group photo

12/9-13/2019 – Chris , Sam and Evan attended the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco, all talking about the Southern Ocean in one way or another. Check out the abstracts (Chris, Sam, Evan)! An important off-the-record meeting was held at Ghirardelli Square.

11/8/2019 – Ally Savoie presented her work the impact on carbonate chemistry of the Mississippi Sound during and after the latest Bonne Carre spillway opening of the Mississippi River at the Graduate Climate Conference in Woods Hole, MA. Here’s a Tweet about it!

10/9/2019 – Sam Glasscock successfully defended his Master’s thesis, “Changes in Antarctic Bottom Water Formation During Interglacial Periods“. Go Sam!

9/23-28/2019 – Neil Redmond attended an international GEOTRACES Summer School in Cadiz, Spain! Read more about it here. Can you find Neil below?

Tormenta  ©miguelgomez

6/1/2019 – We’ve released our cell-phone app to learn about life in the deep ocean! You can download for free on your iPhone or Android. Thanks to all who helped on this team funded by the National Academies Keck Future Initiatives program.

3/11-15/2019 – Graduate student Danielle Schimmenti working with Franco Marcantonio at Texas A&M University visited our lab to perform analysis of protactinium-231 in deep sea sediments. Great working with you all!

2/27/2019 – Ally Savoie presented her work on carbon dynamics in the northern Gulf at the ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting in San Juan, PR.

2/14-17/2019 – Chris attended the 2019 AAAS meeting in Washington, DC as part of his National Academies project working on a deep sea virtual reality app. Look out for the App’s release at diveinexperience.com

12/10-14/2018 – Fall AGU meeting in Washington, DC. Chris presented a poster in a session on rare earth elements in oceanography. See abstract here.

12/2-5/2019 – Chris was in Aix-en-Provence participating in a synthesis workshop on chemical proxies for the past ocean.

10/10-13/2018 – Chris visited the University of British Columbia to give two seminars on trace element residence times in the ocean and the protactinium/thorium proxy in paleoceanography. Had a wonderful time meeting old and new colleagues and seeing Vancouver! https://twitter.com/chrishayes228/status/1051198684690407424

8/29/2018 – Two new graduate students have started in the Hayes Lab, Ally Savoie and Neil Redmond. Look out for great stuff from them!

8/13-17/2018 – Sam and Chris gave posters at Goldschmidt, the annual meeting of the Geochemical Society, in Boston. Here we are out to dinner with some other Golden Eagles from USM’s Geochemistry group. Read our abstracts here and here.


8/8/2018 – New paper out! Chris and a team of GEOTRACES colleagues estimated the replacement times of many elements of the periodic table in the North Atlantic Ocean using thorium isotope and trace element data. How long would it take to replace your favorite element in the ocean? Find out at Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

6/19-21/2018 – Chris attended the mid-grant meeting in Huntington Beach, California for our National Academies Keck Future Initiative (NAKFI) project to create a virtual experience of life in the deep ocean.

3/20-23/2018 – Chris and Sam visited the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University to sample Southern Ocean sediments (cores RC13-259 and RC13-254) for our project on past changes in ocean circulation using authigenic uranium as a proxy (good work Sam!).  Chris was also on the PhD defense committee of LDEO student (now Dr.) Alexandra Bausch (congrats Ali!).


3/7-9/2018 – Chris participated in the pre-cruise planning meeting for the upcoming GEOTRACES transect cruise between Alaska and Tahiti, held at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

2/10-17/2018 – Chris attended the AGU/ASLO/TOS Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR, and spoke on a GEOTRACES synthesis paper deriving the fluxes and residence times across the periodic table in the North Atlantic as well as a town hall to organize study of trace elements and isotopes in the Gulf of Mexico.

12/18/2017 – Chris gave an invited talk at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans about the connection between Saharan dust transport and hurricanes. Read the abstract here.

11/4/2017 – We have gotten another grant funded by the National Science Foundation to analyze thorium and protactinium on the next U.S. GEOTRACES survey from Alaska to Tahiti, together with colleagues from Columbia University and the University of Minnesota. We are currently seeking a graduate student to work on this project (https://www.usm.edu/marine/student-opportunities).

6/12/2017 – Two new grants have started this summer! (1) Supported by the National Science Foundation, we will be looking at sediment records from the Southern Ocean in the context changing circulation, melting ice sheets, and uranium geochemistry (see here).  (2) The National Academies are supporting a pilot project to develop a virtual reality experience about life in the deep ocean. See press release here.

5/4/2017 – Chris is giving an invited talk at PAGES (Past Global Changes) Open Science meeting in Zaragoza, Spain next week on using the protactinium/thorium ratio in sediments as a proxy for past ocean circulation. See program and abstract here.

2/28/2017 – Chris gave a talk about trace metal variations at Station ALOHA in the North Pacific Ocean at the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Honolulu. Read the abstract here.

1/12/2017 – We have a new article coming out in Global Biogeochemical Cycles about thorium, uranium and other trace metals between Barbados and Bermuda, including work from Jeff Rosen‘s undergrad thesis! Paper online here. Highlight written up on GEOTRACES.org

1/3/2017 – Chris is looking for a new graduate student to start in Fall 2017. See ad here.

12/12/2016 – Chris is presenting at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (14:25-14:45, Moscone West 2012). He’ll talk about work on uranium isotopes in the Southern Ocean as a new proxy for changing oxygenation in the past ocean. See abstract here.