Experience what life is like in the watery depths!

I helped create an immersive cell phone app to learn about life in the deep sea, with colleagues Lisa Gershwin, Allie Kollias, Rebecca Green and Mike Sieracki, and the help of Art+Logic. This app features authentic footage from the ocean’s twilight zone, or the mesopelagic zone. These are depths at which sunlight just barely reaches. Choose from a variety of critter vignettes led by an experienced guide. You will learn the life histories of these amazing organisms that populate an environment which is very foreign to the human experience but comprises one of the largest environments on earth by volume. Experience in 2-D mode or 3-D mode with any 3-D goggles.

Available as a free download for Apple and Android phones.

This project was supported by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative program.